Memorial Hall: Ever Wonder What’s Inside?

Movie theatre?  Dance studio?  Commercial mall?  Barber shop?  Laundromat? All of the above and then some, have, at one time, been housed in this long empty brick building in the center of town. For years, I’ve been curious as it sat empty — holding only memories and attracting rumors of what it’s like inside.


Located in the center of downtown Pine Plains.


A handful of us came to satisfy our curiosity and take a tour of the building when it had an open house for an auction.


The first thing you see on entering explains its history.


Here is the ground floor hallway.


Office and commercial space branched off.


Beautiful studio space is tempting.

brick wall_tonemapped

And left over from the days of showing movies, a fire proof projection booth.


The proscenium arch remains although the auditorium was filled with flooring.


The detail of the ornamental tin ceiling…


All in all, there did not seem to be any visible water damage on the ceilings as the roof was secure.



I was impressed.  The conditions were better than rumored, but how to develop it?


4 thoughts on “Memorial Hall: Ever Wonder What’s Inside?

  1. Come on, you must have more pictures than this. What about the staircase, the old coffee shop, the dance studio, the remains of the laundromat & arcadia…???

    1. Sorry, Melissa. I don’t have those pictures, but they are images that, I’m sure, will always be with you! Thanks for the visit.

  2. George Cole, auctioneer told us that Durst has originally offered $400K for it, but withdrew because of the Town’s “fol-de-rol”

    Auction is scheduled for Sunday May 4 at 3:30 PM at Memorial Hall

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