It Takes a Community to Run a Railroad

About a half hour out of Pine Plains, in Kingston, a grass-roots organization runs a railroad. A real one, as you can see for yourself in this film about their seasonal theme ride, The Polar Express.

And then, after watching it, ask yourself: Is this any way to run a railroad? 


You could always Google “Catskill Mountain Railroad”, but here is a shortcut to their website. Even better is to visit the train itself.  

2 thoughts on “It Takes a Community to Run a Railroad”

  1. I love trains. I remember riding on this train to the “North Pole”, NY when I was a kid. It’s so great to see it again, virtually! Thank you for the memories.

  2. I don’t know if anybody will see this but it’s March 21st 2019 and I don’t know why I just started looking about Roslyn Ranch I am 60 now but will be in May and I went when I was in the mid-20s now that’s it I was wondering about if it was still around and I got this bit of bad news is anybody know what happened to the owners?

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