Pine Plains on Parade

First, meet the community as it turns out on Memorial Day for the parade.

What do we call the people from Pine Plains?  Pine Plainers? Stissingers?  The school sports teams refer to themselves as Bombers. It looks as if we should just stick with “People from Pine Plains”.

But not all the people.   I didn’t see any of the weekenders.  Or the newcomers, the City People. And that may be the problem.  It is one reason why I am making this website.

So this parade is both an introduction to the community and Pine Plains Views.

Why Pine Plains, anyway?  Is it so special or typical that it deserves a website?  We’ll be exploring that, but simply put, Pine Plains is where I live and from where I view the world.

[sublimevideo class=”sublime” poster=” mem day parade2011.jpg” src1=” mem day parade2011.m4v” width=”640″ height=”363″]

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