A House Moves Home

This story is being modified and updated.  It might look a bit weird, but the following are the individual phases of the project…

Scot is going into his new house. New only in the sense that he recently bought it.


This is not just some cosmetic landscaping going on.  In fact, the ground around the house has been shaved back so that steel beams could be inserted underneath it on all sides.


For this house, this whole house, is going up that hill that they are now shaving down and trimming and will go to the right of the silos you see in the background.


Yes, up that hill… you can see that the ground is soft, even muddy.  The house will have to be pulled up, but first the hill has to be shaved smooth, transformed into a sort of road.


I already missed a few things like putting the beams under the house and setting the jacks.  I certainly did not want to miss the move!  Although I live right in the neighborhood, I wanted to find out when it would happen.  Or at least when it was planned.

I thought Scot would know…

That was my introduction to Stan Barber of Larmon House Movers up in Schuylerville, NY.   He was running the job.  And a lot of the equipment, too. It would also be my introduction to the “We’ll see” system of job scheduling.

When the farm boys were young, little did they realize that their toys would become real.  Or at least a premonition.

David Lyle, one of the boys who shared those toys now has to climb down from the house in which he grew up.


Actually, we’ve all been curious to know how this is going to work.  Underneath the house there are some hydraulic jacks connected to this control panel.   Scot goes for an explanation.


I’ll try to show you how the system works…

Okay, so I was having some trouble seeing the relative motion of the house being jacked up.   It was not fast.  In fact, it wouldn’t even get a ticket in South Egremont.

I put in this this little insert to show you the rate at which the jack raised the house.

You can get an idea of the progress, though, by how people have to get in the house.


A pattern is formed.  The jacks would be raised to their full height and kept under pressure.


Then new supporting blocks of wood would have to be placed in the new gap to take up the load and the jacks would have to be repositioned to start over again.  It was repetitive, hard work.  Those wood blocks were not any lighter than they look.


In the meantime, Scot keept busy preparing the foundation for the new site and makng plans.  Bill House, the plumbing contractor, came by to check on the schedule.


The house was getting up there.  It would have to be level.  There may be just a few adjustments left.


Well, there it is…

I think we are about to move into a new phase!


Here is the house, ready to go!

This would be the first time Scot saw the house on wheels.

They caught a lucky break with the weather.  Over night the temperature went down to about 20 degrees, enough to freeze enough of the mud to give some traction to the dozers. This would help a lot going up the hill.


After hanging around for a while doing the filming, I was getting fairly familiar about how things were working.  At least I was willing to answer any questions.  So when John Bonneville, a carpenter who would work on the restoring the house came by…

Tom Allen, my next door neighbor — a half mile down the road — is the contractor who will handle the job after the move.

And a brief conference.

A lot will have to depend on the weather.  A freeze would be very welcome.  The house will have to be towed up this hill and mud does not help.

The new site is just about prepared with a bed of gravel for drainage being smoothed in.

It’s time!  The freeze came as hoped and it was time to move up the hill before it warmed up too much.


We are talking about the house that Scot bought from Bob’s family and has been fixing up for himself. And although Bob may miss the house, and lives across the road, he is proud of what Scot has done. In his words…
We are getting near the top of the hill.  Word got out that the house is getting near the top of the hill and the destination.
The house is finally in place and soon this story will be, too.  I just have to write some more text and organize this long series of videos down into sections.  Thanks for your patience!


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  1. Great story and video. I grew up in Poughkeepsie and Tom Allen is my cousin. I have not seen him for along time. Can’t wait to see his work on the house, if that is part of your plan. Pine Plains area is so beautiful and glad to see others appreciate the Hudson Valley area. Would love to be able to connect with Tom . If you would be kind enough to share my address with him, I would so appreciate it. Keep up the good work!

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