Rapid COVID-19 Testing Comes to Pine Plains

This website has not taken a side in political issues and I do not intend to start now. Unfortunately, politics has hijacked rational discussion of the COVID-19 pandemic. While we have few cases of actual infection, we do have rampant cases of economic, social, and psychological damage. I feel it would be irresponsible of me to ignore the Corvid-19 pandemic and its effect on our community.

This film shows the BinaxNOW Rapid Antigen test available from Abbott Laboratories — what it’s like to take it, administer it, and get the results in 15 minutes.  The setting is Pine Plains, a small town in rural New York on the first day it was available. 

The accuracy of this test is best at picking up contagion: not just whether or not you have it (diagnosis) but whether or not you can spread it to others (contagion).

If you would like to schedule a test at Pine Plains Pharmacy, click this link provided as a courtesy by the pharmacy.

Will vaccination obsolete the need for testing? The data is not in on how much contagion is inhibited through vaccination; at any rate, we have a long way to go before a large enough portion of the population will have been vaccinated to reach herd immunity.

Comments, questions, and opinions are welcome below, but as this is a personal website, I will moderate them. It is not my obligation to propagate adversarial spillover from Facebook and social media.

1 thought on “Rapid COVID-19 Testing Comes to Pine Plains

  1. Much less expensive tests that can be administered at home are in the pipeline. I don’t know what the role of the local independent pharmacy will be when these come on the market.

    Antigen tests by Ellume and Abbott Laboratories have recently been approved by the FDA for over the counter and at home use. While not as inexpensive (or even free) as some promising paper strip tests, I am sure they will change the market and become “disruptive innovation“. The role of the local pharmacist will remain a source of information and support.

    Frankly, that is why I personally patronize Pine Plains Pharmacy for all my medications. They have supported me and I will continue to support them.

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