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  1. I have been reading Pine Plains Views & am enjoying it. I especially enjoyed the video of Patchin’s Mill.
    I moved to Claverack NY in 1963 from my Home town of West Rupert Vermont where I was raised on our family hill farm. We milked 24 cows & farmed with horses until 1948 when we bought a tractor. My love of tractors & farm equipment inspired me to start up an International Harvester dealership in Kinderhook in 1964. Many of our customers farmed in Pine Plains and surrounding area. Thank you for your contribution to preserving the local history.

  2. I have known Stan for almost his whole. What he was like before the age of 5, is a mystery to me although I did know his parents and I can guess he was busy educating himself as quickly as he could.

    Can you imagine if every small town had a Stan, or even a Stan wanna-be?

    Because of Stan, you must have wealth of smiles lighting up the winter nights!

  3. Stan,

    Once again thank you on behalf of the entire Town for the video taping of the Town Board and other community meetings. We are so fortunate to be able to see meetings that we are unable to attend. It allows concerned citizens to stay in the loop and not depend on another person’s secondhand account of what happened or who said what. The videos facilitate better community communication and bring additional accountability to people’s statements and behavior.

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