Spinning Squash at the Ag Fair

It’s a yearly tradition that I’ve been going to for years: the 2015 Ag Fair hosted by the Future Farmers of America at the high school in Pine Plains.  

This year I was hoping to find something a little different to film.  But the parade started out as it does every year, with the school band, tractors, politicians, tractors, kids and families, tractors, and, of course, fire engines.  Did I mention tractors?

I took the obligatory photos of the kids with the animals.
kids cows

boyh and cow

Of course these days lots of future farmers are all thumbs…


Same ole, same ole…

I was looking for something more to do with actual  farming.  And then I found this guy actually spinning squash!

A young farmer selling his produce and interacting with people, making friends as well as customers.

Anyone familiar with this website knows that I am interested in preserving the history and the culture of agriculture.

But if we are going to keep farming alive in  our area, we have to welcome new people and new techniques.  And here is a young  couple who are farming organic using horses rather than tractors!  He got me curious enough that I made arrangements to visit their farm, Full Circus Farm. I will report back! 

In the meantime, you can enjoy their produce in Pine Plains at Peck’s Market, The Pine Plains PlatterThe Stissing House, and, I have been given to understand, they sell the spinning squash at The Emporium.

Mark and Miriam have formed a CSA at the farm — seems as if they offer good food with a good time!  What else would you expect from people who name their farm “Full Circus” and spin squash?




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