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5 thoughts on “Links and Resources

  1. Wonderful site. I started visiting friends who lived here in Pine Plains in the early 70s and when I moved here 16 years ago, it still had the same feel- unlike most Dutchess County places. I just started reading here, but want to spend more time viewing all these great articles and pictures. Lots of work went into this, we can tell. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Susan,
      Thanks for commenting.
      I’m thrilled that you are enjoying the website. Visit often, as there are scads of video stories and new ones coming.

  2. My husband, Tony Sigler, grew up here in Gallatin-which is basically-Pine Plains. His family has been here for 5 generations. We have been together for almost 30 years, which is how long I have lived here. I have owned my business in town for quite a long time. We read things in your blog about places & events that we never knew about! Thumbs up! Thank-you!

  3. We live in Pine Plains and have been here for 36 years on Briarcliff Lane. This is great information for us as well as for our real estate clients. Thank you for your hard work. Marti Steed

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