Chads Don’t Hang in Pine Plains

The 2015 Town Board election was very close.  Even for a small town like ours, only 3 votes separated the 2nd and 3rd place candidates.  Absentee ballots could change the outcome.

Curious about the process, Sarah Jones, even though she was in first place by a substantial enough lead that would not be affected by the absentee ballots, went to the county Board of Elections office in Poughkeepsie just to see how they are opened and counted.  Nothing official, just wanting to witness an important aspect of our democratic process. Curiousity.

I am sharing her experience here on Pine Plains Views.

And to satsify your curiosity, here is the final (although still unofficial) tally:

Sarah Jones 304 after gain of 17

Don Bartles 277 after gain of 22

Patrick Castelli 268 after gain of 16

Jim Jackson 256 after gain of 14

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