Roll Your Own — Chinese Dumplings!

It was advertised as Dim Sum 101.  Chef and caterer, Michael Chesloff, would be coming down from Hillsdale — it’s actually just up the road — to give a cooking class at Hammertown Barn.  I love Chinese food anyway but the whole situation intrigued me.  I asked if I could film it. The first dish was shao mai.  But here, let Michael explain:

If you would like to make the shao mai we have included Michael’s recipe as a PDF here.  Just click to view or download. Some of the ingredients and utensils might seem exotic but Michael shows that they are actually easy to locate in our area.  For example, Warren Kitchen and Cutlery in Rhinebeck carries Chinese bamboo steamers and the perforated parchment paper. Specifically Asian products can be found in Albany at the Asian Supermarket on Central Avenue.  And Hammerton itself carries kitchen appliances and utensils.

A very easy to make and common dumpling is the Red Oil Dumpling.

Michael’s recipe is here.

Now pot stickers

The pot stickers recipe is here.  If you would like to make your own dough for the pot stickers you can download the recipe and instructions here.

And finally the spring rolls.


You can stuff spring rolls with just about anything, but here is a recipe for a vegetarian version.

Confucius say, “A teacher who has fun teaching will have students who have fun learning.”  Okay, he never said that, but these videos could certainly prove it. Anyway, it would be the appropriate fortune cookie for this meal.

(These videos are iPad and iPhone compatible so put one on the counter and cook along with Michael!)

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