Let’s Remember Sal….

Sal passed away in May, 2013, at the age of 77. Although I would run into Sal at one of his jobs in town, either at at Deuel’s hardware or at the vet clinic, I used to look forward to seeking out Sal each year up on the Hill at the Dutchess County Fair where he was “The Man” at the 4H Club Poultry Barn.

While few knew that his last name was Lico, everyone knew his love for animals and the joy he gave when talking about them.

The Fair is coming up this week and I know he will not be there and, like many others, I will miss him. I thought it fitting to share this little video of him in his favorite setting.

I was at the Dutchess County Fair and visited the Poultry Barn where Sal used to hold court. His table was still there although his seat was empty.

sal's barn smaller

There was a sign to the side, “Sal’s Barn”.


And in his memory, the prize-winning birds have a special roost:


Sal was a modest man.  I don’t know if this is what he would have expected,  but I am pleased how he is being remembered.


10 thoughts on “Let’s Remember Sal….

  1. Sal Lico was a great friend of mine and my wife. We miss him so much. We worked at Mashomack together for years, and he was gracious enough to open his home to me for the night on occasion, since I travelled from the Culinary Institute of America to work in Pine Plains. He had a gentle soul and loved everyone he met. Even though we were born 50 years apart, we found a great friendship together.

  2. I just watched it again. I have chickens and think of him so often. Too bad you didn’t photograph his champion. I’ll have to look back and see if I have a picture of him (his rooster).

  3. Sal lived in the house I bought in 2000 and then moved in across the street. He always made time to see how I was doing after I moved in. I was a single mom and he always looked out for me. I will never forget his kindness and his warm genuine smile.

  4. Thanks Stan – even though it’s 4 years later, I still miss him. We think and speak of him often.

  5. Thanks Stan – I hadn’t seen this before. Even though it’s 4 years later, I still miss him. We speak of him often.

  6. It’s December 14, 2015 and I’m seeing this for the first time. I think of Sal often and so very fondly. Thank you, Stan, for remembering and for caring.

  7. I was very fond of sal. I think we had a special bond. He enjoyed my French connection and he would say a few words to me in French every time we met. Every summer he tried to get me to feel guilty about not going to the Dutchess Fair . I wish I had.

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