The Long Haul Home: The Library Returns!

Talk about returning overdue library books…

In what we hope will be the resolution of a long and complex story, books are coming out of storage and the library will be moved out of its old temporary home and back to its new home and… I said it was complex and convoluted! But you can follow along on Pine Plains Views and I hope you do!

Right now, community volunteers have been moving the books from storage and putting them back on the shelves.  A lot to sort out.  

If you would like to follow earlier parts of the story, here they are:

Yikes! They’re Packing up the Library!

The Next Chapter: The Library Moved. The Story Goes On…

On the Steps of the County Court House…

Public Meetings Dealing with the Library

An archive of all the Town Board and special community meetings I have videotaped since 2012 about the Library.

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