The Tree Couple

It had to come down.  But because it leaned over the pool and close enough to the house to do some damage I knew it would require special equipment and techniques to prevent the trunk from launching a truck or tractor into the house like a trebuchet. It was above my pay-grade.  We had to call in experts.  And we knew just who to call, Todd and his wife Kim Richards.

Fortunately, they were right in Pine Plains and I actually contacted them through our high tech communications system — running into them at Stewart’s.  They showed up the next morning.

Todd had quite a different approach.  Take it down from the top!  As you will see, this was a tall order.

Then the branches had to be cut…



Now the final pole

When I told friends about the video and asked if they knew Todd and Kim there was usually  pause and a thoughtful frown until they came up with “Oh, the Tree Couple!”  And so that is how I named this sequence.

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