Where Every Car Has a Story

Wheels of  Time.  A collision repair shop, car restoration facility, vintage car salon. Whatever. But it’s where dreams come true.  On wheels.

Bill’s Scrapbook: The Story of the Stories

Remembering Harry

But of all the car stories, here is my favorite:  a 1928 Model A Ford was the beloved car of a much-loved father. By having it restored his family brought both the car and his memories to life.

I’ve condensed months of work into this 25 minute video:

Harry is none other than Dr. Harold T. Meryman (1921-2110) who is perhaps more widely remembered as having successfully devised a method of freezing concentrated red blood cells for up to 10 years and then thawing them for patients’ use.  The “Meryman method” is still in use and is of great benefit to patients with rare blood types.

The staff at Wheels of Time are Bill Bartolomeo, Normand Brousseau, Jessie Decker, Joe Quattrocchi, Duke Simpson, Ken Turner, and Richard Wheeler. They deserve a lot of credit!


Cars aren’t the only ones with stories!  Every morning, a bit after 10 AM, chairs are brought out in a circle, coffee or snacks are pulled out…

You may never have seen this car in your dreams, but you probably did in the movies…

The job is finished and the Ferrari is picked up. Literally.  Not driven off.  “Bye Bye!”

Memorial Day, Port Ewen, NY:  A car hop.  Rocky celebrated in his “new” truck, another alumnus of Wheels of Time.

This car in this video has absolutely nothing to do with Wheels of Time.  I saw it at the Rhinebeck car show as I was hanging out with Bill Bartolomeo.  But it made me wonder about the vintage cars that I have been filming: have we really made that much progress in the last 93 years?

Here are some still photographs I put together while hanging around Wheels of Time.  Do they bring back any memories for you?  Any dreams you’d like to see come true?

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    1. Max,

      It was nice hearing from you and I’m thrilled you liked the story and I hope you continue to drop by and see what’s going on in your hometown these days.

      I just discovered a note that you had sent in a while ago but that I had overlooked. I try to get back to those who write and yours slipped by. Sorry about that!


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