Wednesday Jam

Local folks who like to play bluegrass, they have been getting together on Wednesday nights for over 40 years. They never had a name for their group so I just call it “The Wednesday Jam”.

When I came across them they had been playing in Pete and Cindy Howe’s kitchen where I took these videos.  I like their music, I like them, and I am really wild about the diverse make-up of the group. So I shot this video in the kitchen, just as it was, no lighting or rehearsals. Join me and enjoy their music!

This is one of my favorites, “Farther Along”

How about an encore? Joe Clark.  Let’s see who finishes first!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Jam

  1. I absolutely love this!!
    Cindy and Pete are my grandparents.
    I could listen to this all day and still get goosebumps!

  2. I enjoyed the bluegrass music very much. I’m coming down to Pine Plains on Wednesday, the 11th of July and plan to bring my guitar. If your regular get together is still on I would like to join you all.

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