Where We Come From and Where We Are Going…

For several years a tradition has been growing in Pine Plains: the annual Lantern Tour of the Evergreen Cemetery.  As a fund-raiser for the Library, the historical society researches the lives of four or five people whose graves are then visited by current townspeople and their stories are enacted by the living.

Held around Halloween, it is educational, entertaining, and spooky!

But this year of the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020, social distancing required a much smaller attendance; the tour was conducted for small groups.  I was asked to make this version that could be presented to the community through video. 



Participating organizations:  Pine Plains Free Library and Little Nine Partners Historical Society

You can take this virtual stroll through Evergreen, but, if you are in Pine Plains, go there and take a real one for yourself! Unlike those who lie below, you can always leave…

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2 thoughts on “Where We Come From and Where We Are Going…

  1. What a lovely presentation of PinePlains history and the people who lived and worked in Pine Plains. I truly enjoyed it, as I grew up on Poplar Avenue and knew the names of the people represented in the presentation. I now know and appreciate their legacy to the residents of the time and now. Thank you! It was truly enjoyable.

    1. Frances,

      Thank you very much for your gracious comment. I am glad that you enjoyed it and hope that you will also visit and enjoy some of the other stories on Pine Plains Views.


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