For the Sake of History

Actually, this was all for a good cause,  the restoration of the Louis Graham/Brush House.  You can see where the money and effort goes here.

The event was held at The Backyard Garden in Pine Plains.  I’ll add the appropriate credits and info as soon as I can but I could use some help from you guys…. who was the fellow with Wesley Chase doing the roasting?  So they should both get some credit.   And, of of course, who was the band?  Anyone know, jump in on the Comments below.  [Flash:  Buddy Ginocchio has stepped up and identified Wesley’s partner in the roasting as Doug Miller.  Thanks Buddy!  All the way from Florida, too.]

These clips were taken at the fund-raiser for the Little Nine Partners Historical Society on July 16, 2011. (By the way, this is the same organization that many, including myself, call the Pine Plains Historical Society and does not really exist.) I shot them with my cell phone, a Droid X, in the hope that I could stream them live to this website.  My dreams of instant video were dashed by the vagaries of our rural internet connections.  Nevertheless, I hope this illustrates the saying, “The best camera is the one you have with you.”  I hope this example can encourage people to record their local history as it happens!


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