Roseland Ranch, Where All the Good Times Have Gone….

It was a prize on Wheel of Fortune.  It was where people came up every year for a few days or a week to get a taste of country life.  It was where friendships and even families were formed.  It was where people met and rode a horse for the first time and fell in love with it for the rest of their life.

It was Roseland.  Roseland Ranch Resort.

It was… because they tore it down.



Where Buildings Once Stood....

July 11, 2012

Done.  Done.  Done.  Flattened!

Up until a few years ago I would drive by and see people splashing in the pool right by the road or going off on a trail ride or skiing, but it was only after Roseland closed and I started Pine Plains Views that I became aware of how much of a following this place off Hunns Lake Road in nearby Stanfordville had.  People would write to ask what was going to happen to the property as if I had any information that it was going to reopen.  They had a Face Book page and a discussion board on Topix with thousands of messages.  After I posted new still pictures there would be a flurry of visitors to PIne Plains Views.

Every day there would be at least one or two visitors to Pine Plains Views to look at Roseland and leave the site without looking at anything else. It was odd.

So, last week when I heard that the cranes and bull dozers had arrived, I went there and finally shot that first video.

Here is where my story started back in 2008. I was driving by Roseland and I saw this sign.

Up for Auction

Pine Plains was in an area of summer camps and bungalow communities where people from the City came to get a taste of “country”.  It was also the home of the dude ranch, Roseland Ranch, recently closed and now up for sale and development.

It still attracts its own very lively discussion forum on the Internet of people who visited and worked there over several decades.  At the moment there are over 3,500 posts!

Update:  As of November 17, 2008. I have not been able to get the results of the auction.  I don’t think anything happened.

Update: March 8, 2009.  I drove by and took some pictures:

Not all that much has changed.  The auction sign was taken down.  The ranch sign fell, or was taken, half-way down.

It looks so empty. I never knew much about Roseland, but when we drove by there was always activity and people looked as if they came up to have a good time and succeeded.   Horses are a major part of my life and I enjoy seeing people introduced to riding and learning to care for horses.

Update: November 1, 2009:

So many people have visited this website just to find out more about Roseland Ranch that I decided to take a little drive this afternoon and shoot some Fall pictures.

Then I went down the road to the main entrance I saw a new For Sale sign:

Roseland For Sale

Roseland Ranch for Sale

Update January 22, 2011

After the snow, it’s beautiful but there are no human or horse tracks in the fresh snow….

Roseland Ranch in the Snow

The sign is still there, the snow is fresh…

Did the cowboy have a name?

Roseland Ranch

The Cowboy Does Not Look Pleased!

Roseland Ranch

No Ski Tracks in the Snow

Roseland Ranch

Not a Horse to be Seen

Roseland Ranch

 Not a Person to be Seen Either…

I wish I had more to show and tell the people who have come to Pine Plains Views looking for good news about Roseland.  All I can offer them is a warm invitation to explore the rest of the website!

I don’t think Roseland could ever be replaced, but dude ranches still thriving and it may be worth taking a look at

Pine Plains was in an area full of camps and resorts.  Right in Pine Plains itself, where the Lions Club is now located, was Camp Stissing Lake.  I just discovered that there is an active page on Facebook for Camp Stissing Lake.  The site of the camp is like now the public beach where they start the Stissing Sprint Triathalon.  Take a virtual tour of Pine Plains on Pine Plains Views.

In the surrounding area are the remains of dozens of summer camps and some are still in business.  I hope to bring some stories about them into this website because they were an important part of the history and culture of the community.  And who knows?  They may become part of its future.

This was the way it was:

Roseland Ranch Brochure 1991 - 1992 00001



112 thoughts on “Roseland Ranch, Where All the Good Times Have Gone….

  1. That’s a shame, great memories thou, we vacationed there multiple times between (guessing) 1963 & 71. First visited when I was around 6 or so. I believe some of the trails were on James Cagney’s land, at least that’s what we heard. I have 8mm film of Rosa Land Ranch but of course it was all about me at the time. Anyone remember a horse named Dancer?


  3. I used to love this place as a kid and my family and I would go there every year. It was so magical. Horseback riding, musical chairs, great food and this place always felt like family. The owners were great people and I would always be running around with Chickie’s grand daughter Phillis Anne. This place will always hold a special place in my heart along with all the amazing people I met there.

    1. Carlyn, thank you for the comment and memories. It is a moving testament to the people who ran it and worked there that there are so many lasting memories. I feel honored to be able to preserve them on my site.


      1. What a nice tribute. I went here many times as a kid in the 90s. it’s how I found my love of riding. my family and I used to take every trail they offered. my favorite horse I rode was Lady CJ. I remember the trail guide Jessie feeding me some berries picked right off the branch on the ride. And I loved the chocolate chip muffins they left out! <3

  4. So sad to hear of this I was just telling my friend about my trip here as a girl scout in the 90s. Riding a chestnut horse named Sampson. I was in hopes it was still around. I’m bummed now

  5. Went to Roseland with family as a kid in the 60’s thru 1980. Hate seeing what became of the place, had good times hanging with Lisa, Bobby and Joey and good memories from there.

  6. just watched Classic Concentration with Alex Trebeck…one of the prizes was a trip to Roseland Ranch…sorry i missed it

      1. Out of curiosity, I googled Roseland Ranch and came across this site! Thank you for all the information and comments! My family went to Roseland Ranch in the ’70’s through 1981. We usually went during late August or beginning of September; the week before school started. I have so many WONDERFUL memories of that dude ranch, the people who worked there, and the friends I made with other vacationers! Unfortunately, on September 2, 1981, while we were at Roseland, my father had a heart attack while playing baseball. He was rushed to the nearest hospital, but didn’t make it. I was only 16 years old. I still reminisce about the good times we had there as a family and look through the pictures of us having fun! I still have my Roseland Ranch t-shirt! I remember our waiter, Sam, who would ask my parents, “You wanna Sanka now?” People have a wonderful connection to this place, because the family that owned it, ran it with their hearts and customers felt their love!

        1. Penny,

          Thanks for your comment on Pine Plains Views about Roseland. You hit the key to the success of the ranch, “People have a wonderful connection to this place, because the family that owned it, ran it with their hearts and customers felt their love! I wish there were more people running businesses like the Ficheras did!

          Stan Hirson, Pine Plains Views

    1. Took our Girl Scouts . Loved the mess hall, love catching the horse trail rides and the wranglers . And for some reason , I remember the pool being small and crowded but fun! Will never forget. Thank you.

  7. God, I honestly don’t understand how you could have abandoned this place?! I don’t get it at all. I had a chance to visit here once, among nature and my favorite animals (horses), and it was an amazing vacation! When I left, I thought that I would definitely come back. I am both angry and upset.

    1. It’s a shame. There was a lot of work that was needed. When it was sold off it wasn’t sold off with all the acreage. Either way this place was a gem and had i been a few years older i would have purchased it. It was like nowhere else. The original owners brought life to it. The second owners (investment management company) hired a real lowlife to run it (into the ground) extensive indoor poor and plumbing damage throughout the rooms. It’s just a shame.

  8. Thank you for this post Stan. I grew up in the neighborhood and your words and photos bring me back to my youth. The Ranch always seemed exciting and exclusive as a child, especially when it appeared on television as a game show prize. It is sad to see that it is gone in structure. I’m glad you preserved it in memory.

    1. Nathan, thank you for your kind comments. I’m touched that you appreciate the site and that it brought back good memories.

  9. Stumbled across this website. I have been a best friend of Bobby since 7th grade I keep in touch with him daily told him about the website and the blogs and all the wonderful comments Chickie Dominic Bobby Lisa and Maria are doing well they all live in Florida now and they send their regards to everyone who left a message… Bobby sends his regards and wishes everyone well

    1. Hey Moe.

      I’m sure that others will be glad that you stumbled across my website and were able to give current news about people that have been asked about here!

      Thanks for dropping by,


    2. Hello, my husband told me he used to work here with Chickie back in 2000. His name is José Luis Zavala. How can we get in touch? He always talks about his days on the ranch ! And crazy enough I think I went on my graduation field trip here in the spring of 1990!

    3. I went there when I was small..for year’s we went there the same week every year…I even worked there babysitting for the owners…them about 23 years ago we went with my child and relived a great time…I still have pictures of the place

    4. Hi Moe,
      My name is Mike D’Asaro. I worked at Roseland Ranch during the summer of 1961 and 1962 as a wrangler with my four friends, Rocco (who also worked for Bob in the city), Joe, Jimmy and Bo (Ignatius). Those two summers were the highlight of my teenage years. You mentioned that Bob and his family are now living in Florida. My wife and I are also living in Florida, in The Villages. Next time you speak to Bob, please give him my regards. Thank you.

  10. Our daughter won a four day trip to Roseland Ranch. We live in California. It was our first trip to visit New York. What an adventure. We learned that upstate New York is beautiful. At the ranch we enjoyed horseback riding, swimming and hay rides. The owner encouraged us to visit President Roosevelt’s house and the Vanderbilt mansion. He let us borrow his car. It was a great experience. Great memories. Probably 1989.

  11. I only went to Roseland Ranch once in the mid 90’s. I think it was 1994, I remember being about 11. My mom took me and my younger brother there. It left quite an impression, as I remember it vividly over 25 years later. I fondly remember horseback riding, shooting at the range, and learning square dancing after dinner. My girlfriend mentioned wanting to go on vacation to a dude ranch and Roseland Ranch immediately came to mind. I was saddened to see your blog about it being closed but the memory of that one vacation is still with me. Thank you for writing this piece.

  12. My family and I had visited Rosaland Ranch pretty much every summer and winter in the mid 80’s into the 90’s, I made many friends there, and found my love of riding horses there. Having 5 daughters my parents would sneak a weekend away by themselves to the ranch. They were actually there when one of the daughters were bucked off a horse and the horse landed on her head. I will never forget my mom came home so devastated over it.
    As kids we were never ever bored there, between the pools and the horse rides or skiing in the winter. The game room was where all the kids would hang out, while my dad played poker with Papa Joe and Sonny, we always knew to ask my dad for money for the games when his money pile was high. Dominick’s midnight Chinese Buffet was to die for. I could go on for days with all the wonderful memories of Roseland. I always hoped to bring my own children there one day. So sad its gone, the brochure up top I will always remember thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Mary,
      Thanks for visiting the website and adding your memories to the story. The place itself is gone, but the memories live on when they are shared.

    2. Mary:

      I am the one who emailed the author the brochure. I also have some rate cards and menus that I would be happy to share.

    3. My ex wife and I spent many weekends at Roseland Ranch during the 90’s. I too could go on and on. Loved the Hay Rides on Friday nights, and the Breakfast Rides on the weekends. The Fichera Family were top shelf, and always bent over backwards to make our stay as wonderful as possible. I used to get a kick when Sonny would play tapes of horseraces, and we could bet on them. Lol, after you were there a few times, you could remember who had won ( Sonny played the same tapes), and could really clean up. We lived in Somerset County, NJ, and as soon as we left the Ranch we would start plotting out when we could return. I am so sorry it is gone, but Roseland Ranch will live on in all of the lives that it touched, and in the memories of good times, good food, and most importantly, Great People!.

      1. Hoping someone can too. I miss Dominick the cook, he used to make amazing food – the chicken parm, the pizza, and even the donuts after 9pm. I hope these people are still around.

        1. Some of the best vacations of my extended family. We would bring up forty to fifty people each New Years Eve week. For the past twenty years we have been trying to Duplicate their PIZZA with no success. The taste of the Dough was amazing. Was it more or less yeast, was it sugar. I don’t know. People could not get enough. If anyone knows me please let us know.

          1. Okay, folks! Let’s see if we can help a guy out. Anyone know the secret to the great pizza dough? I think Chickie is still around…

        2. Just seen this ranch as a prize on the old Whammy show. Had to explore to see if it was still there. Made me sad that it wasn’t any more.

      2. It’s been closed down for quite a while now. I cant remember why it was shut down specifically, but I do know that it had to do with the budget. My grandparents owned this ranch, so I can provide you with the details when I talk with my Nana again!

          1. According to my mom, Elena Fichera, the secret was 4 or 5 teenagers trying to bake a pizza. The same sauce for the pasta was used for the pizza. They apparently just “winged it” every single time, so I’m afraid it’s going to be difficult to duplicate.

    1. No update on the land, but I worked as a lifeguard at Roseland right out of college in 1994. Worked in the office over the weeks in the winter, in the office answering the phones and doing up homemade brochures on WordPerfect on a 486 PC with no internet because it still wasn’t a thing. I was 21. Chickie and Mrs. Fichera and Sharon, Robert shooting at deer from across the street on his porch, firing onto the family property during hunting season.

      I grew up Italian as well, but working there was like working in a sitcom or a reality show. If they had only known to record it, they could have made a fortune on the show! Their clothing, the buildings, the decorations, the theme, the resort… all screamed Wild West. One word out of their mouths and it was like being at Sunday dinner with my cousins from Brooklyn with the thick New York Italian accent.

      Such a lovely time in my life. If someone from the family reads this, let them know Adam from the office in the 90s took that experience designing brochures for their weekend specials on a word processor to eventually become a global Art Director and Packaging Designer, with clients like PepsiCo, Unilever, and (more likely to have been noticed by any of the office ladies back in the day) Elizabeth Arden. That office job got me interested in design classes, which translated to a career as a designer and Art Director, and still working in marketing and advertising today, 30 years later. So, I always think fondly of my time after college working for Chickie Fichera and the amazing cast of characters at Roseland Ranch.

      1. Adam,

        Thanks for sharing those memories. Because Roseland meant to much to so many people, it’s important that those little details and tones be preserved so that other people can appreciate that mix of ingredients (mostly people) that made it so special.

        Stan (Pine Plains Views)

        1. A local farmer in Smithfield rents out the fields for crops. And has a couple cows in the field where all the horses were. The new owner has talked about making it a hunting preserve I’ve heard.

      2. Hi Adam I will be sure to tell my mother, Chickie. I’m sure she’s going to be very happy to hear this

  13. Found this ranch back in the 90’s and what attracted us to it was there was 4 wheelers (quads). I never see anyone mention them! My 3 kids had a blast on those. The guy who ran them even let us come back over at a later time of day for the kids to ride. My youngest had a tough time as he could just reach the handlebars (did a short stint around the track and thought it was great) I also remember that while my husband, daughter stayed back at the ranch and involved ourselves in other activities, my 2 boys went on a paintball adventure. Suited up and loaded on a bus, went somewhere into the mountains for paintball fun – they still have the group picture). It’s right to say “where do all the good places go”

    1. I LOVED the Quads and didn’t like horseback riding. My Wife Jennifer Loved horses and hated the Quads. Our Days went something like this.

      7am Alarm. Jennifer would wake up early(which she never did) to go down and Tack Indian and Whiskey, among other horses.
      830am we would meet for Breakfast. She would eat fast to go and enjoy the 1st ride of the day. I’d go over and take my Quad Ride, and then wait standby for additional rides for the day. I’d usually get in about 4 or 5 rides a day.
      Lunch Time we would meet for lunch.
      After Lunch More Riding. Ride until there are no more rides.
      Then we would shower and get ready for Bingo, Dinner, and whatever the nights entertainment was. Loved when they opened the Saloon. Drink til about 11, go to bed, and start the same thing over tomorrow.

      God I miss those days.

      1. Ted,

        Thanks. for this glimpse into the past, what it was like to be in Roseland!

        Stan (Pine Plains Views)

        1. Yes My husband and I were their number one entertainers Audrey and Alfredo
          Thursday and Saturday. Year after year
          Seeing grandchildren born. Children married
          Lost of Ma Pa Sonny
          Can anyone tell me if Chickie is in Ny or Fla ?

        2. Wow are you seriously telling me this web page was put up in 08 and currently in 2020 people are still posting replys, I went to roseland ranch back when I was a kid in the early 90s, I got to meet a man called suny, they said he was one of the owners.. amazing place, whish I could have been one of the lucky kids who got to live there, and go to school there… I wonder what’s become of it..

      2. Omg! Whiskey was my wrangler horse. I loved that guy. Him and Jerk. Sometimes Red when he was feeling his oats and Dean wanted to wake me up in the morning.

        1. Worked in 65, remember racing, and losing. Sonny was great, remember dousing a kid to wake him up at 6. Great summer. Henry.

    2. I worked there as a baby sitter for the owners kids and worked as a lead rider on the horse trails…and I am now 63 and have such wonderful pictures and memories of this place

  14. I worked at Roseland Ranch the summer of 1964. Being a family run ranch, I did just about every job. I started out waiting tables in the big dining room. When the lifeguard left I kept the morning job as a waiter during breakfast; but I was the lifeguard for the rest of the day. I learned how to ride a horse by trial and error. Windy was my favorite horse because of his smooth gait. During weekdays I would chaperone the slow ride, especially if Sonny decided to make breakfast on the trail. I met my future wife at the ranch that summer. She lived in the Bronx and I went to college in the Bronx. We’ve been married for 52 year, have 2 grown children and four grandchildren.

  15. I was very young so not a lot of memories but I remember the pool with the big diving board and also happy jack the musician. We went in the 80s, maybe early 90s. I was born in 82 and I think we stopped when I was about 7.

    My dad brought up the ranch earlier, when we were talking about family vacations when we were young, and I asked if I remembered. I said I’m pretty sure they closed (I remember reading a few years back) but was hoping it got brought out. Such sad news, truly a great place!

    I don’t have a ton of detailed memories but my parents were first name basis with the owners and they got to watch me grow up when I was younger. A few times the owners kids would babysit me while I was in the pool or whatnot. The stories I’ve heard was that it was truly a family

    1. I met my husband in 1968. He was a guitar player in the band that played every Saturday and Wednesday. They were the Inernationals. His two brothers Tom and Frankie played and the drummer was a friend John. My family was going there for many years. Papa Joe Rose Aunt Lilly became part of our family. Dancing at night and having Dominic’s spare ribs were the best. I have his recipe. Rose land means so much to me. My mom and our family had so much fun there. Great memories. Meeting my husband there keeps it in our heart. Rose told my mom I love that Pollack.

    2. We started going to Roseland in the 60’s. We always stayed in the main house . We would go riding with my dad and my sister dressed in red so my mom could see us from the road. Food was always wonderful and I always remember mom and dad Fischera and chickie and sonny. My friend and I went back in the 90s and saw that chickie opened the saloon (dad used to bring his own beer at the time ). I will always remember the wonderful times we spent there.

  16. Was reminiscing about vacations of yesteryear, and was curious about the old Roseland Ranch. Sad to see it gone. The first time I ever rode a snowmobile or went skiing was there. Permanently burned into memory.

    1. If it’s any consolation, you share those memories with lots of other people. But now you see what became of it. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

    2. No doubt. Growing up on Long Island, my dad Charlie was great friends with Sonny and Chickie.
      Nothing but the best of memories. The sauna was my first seven minutes in heaven with a girl from Staten Island as a kid!! Lol.
      Chuck Siedlecki

  17. My parents and my sister and I started coming to Roseland Ranchin the late 1950’s. My
    Parents knew Rose and Joe and came when the rooms were still in the main house and the cows would be grazing right outside our bedroom window. We all saw many changes but enjoyed everything and kept coming every summer. We went out on the breakfast trail rides early in the morning and did square-danceing later on in the evening.
    I later started coming with my husband and step children and still had a blast. Will never forget the great memories made and what great people Sonny and Chickie were. thanks for all the great memories. The family of John J.O’Connor.

  18. Loved Going to the Ranch with my Family !! Loved hearing Chickie sing and Dom’s cooking let’s just say the food was Great!! Liked helping out too!
    Memories I will NEVER forget!! Loved that place had so…much fun!! Remember Papa Joe & Mama Rose too!!
    One of my Best times in my Life!!! My Family (Davenports) Loved going there!! We Loved you Guys!!!
    Broke my Heart for it to be no longer by the original Family ! No one else could run that Place like you guys did!!

    Joanne Davenport

  19. Ah, what memories you invoke, Jackie. Your photos of a silent, bucolic Roseland Ranch are at a once beautiful and wistful.

    Yes, the “Cowboy” that graced Roseland’s entrance since its inception did indeed have a name: “Stew Strauss.” The original caricature-cowboy was actually fashioned after my brother’s very cowboy appearance and skill. Even back in the late Fifties, his unbridled “horse sense” did not go unnoticed. No small wonder the Fischera family owners put him in charge of their fine stable of horses. I remember at many a late hour my brother would have to serve as veterinarian for a horse suffering some equine ailment. (He had his kid brother, me, serve as horse groomer and, yes, shovelling “barn maintainer.”)

    The Strauss family had always “been into” horses since the early 1900s when our fathers and uncles were horse-wagon Teamsters throughout New York City. Notwithstanding Stew’s growing up in old Manhattan, my brother left the city and became the quintessential horseman down through the years. He rode rodeo (hence, his “bowlegged” look when wearing chaps); was a horseshoer for some fifty years; an excellent Western and English rider himself, who raised and showed horses in upstate New York. [And, forgive me, Stew . . . never stopped chewing tobacco.]

    For my sister Jackie and me, heading up to Roseland on weekends in 1957 were magical interludes away from New York streets. Old-time goers to Roseland will remember Roseland for the great nightly Italian cuisine prepared by Fischera family cooks. And how they could cook! Non stop. On Saturday nights, we enjoyed the country music and square dancing by the Triple A Ranch Gang, “Bud” and Carolyn McGuinness; “Curly”; and Perry. And we enjoyed the slow rides up along Roseland’s trails, which at some point we learned with wide-eyed surprise, bordered James Cagney’s property, a horse lover himself.

    Yes, the “Cowboy” had a name. And we miss him dearly.

    1. Stan,

      Thank you very much for contributing to the history and memories of Roseland Ranch! Wonderful story about Stew as The Cowboy.

      I hope that more folks will contribute to this. I am amazed at how many visits to my website, Pine Plains Views, the Roseland story still generates.

    2. My mom worked at that ranch many years ago. Way before I was thought of, I heard stories about everyone there and how well she loved it out there. Wish I could have had a tipnout to see what it was like.

      Back in Minnesota
      Daughter of pat Biegler swenson
      Bobbi jo

  20. Roseland Ranch- my favorite place, we went there about 10 times a year for over a dozen years! so sad still, i never found another ranch after that, Roseland was one of a kind

    1. Jackie,

      Thanks for commenting on Roseland Ranch! So many people have expressed life-long attachments to Roseland that I wish I could have preserved it on video in its prime.


    2. Roseland Ranch, went there 2x a year, summer and winter, August and February. Chickie was good to us and always called my mom, Doris. Grew up going there, trail rides, swimming, contests, learned the Roseland Shuffle (line dance), the great country bands, bingo night, 4 meals a day, Dom’s cooking. Sonny always saved me Tank, one of his younger children’s horses, and my dad, Red, Papa Joes horse. My mom sat with Rose, Joe, Chickie and the family at night. Skiing and snowmobiling in the winter, Sonny would often put his youngest on the snowmobile with me. Cowboy Pete took us for rides separately, told us stories and showed us how to tack a horse, etc, we even helped in the stalls. Met a young man, there, turns out from Brooklyn also, dated 3 years and he came to my prom, Al. Later years took my own children there 2x. This place is deep in my heart, sad it is no longer there. Best ranch ever.

      1. Kathleen,
        Thanks for sending in your moving and personal memories of Roseland! I guess the only way of bringing it back is through people like you who share their memories.

  21. Hi everyone , I’m Chickie’s daughter and I want to thank everyone for writing such beautiful stories about the Ranch . I’ll be sure to tell my mother , she’s doing well , not working so hard as I’m sure many of you know how hard she worked at the Ranch . Roseland will live forever in our hearts and our memories !! Love the Fichera- Rando Family!!

    1. Maria,

      Thanks for the comment. I’m glad I preserve what I could of what had been a significant contribution to so many lives.

      Stan, author of Pine Plains Views

    2. Hi Maria & Bobby, Talked to Bobby a year or so ago. Miss all of you so very much. Your stories , the animals , the people , the food ,the entertainment, especially Chickies singing. Being in the kitchen, or the back pantry. Wherever any of you were. That was why we kept coming back, well that and the magic .
      Best, Joe & Lisa

    3. Great to hear – please tell her Francine king says hi, we used to come every year day after Christmas for 15 years. I’m her nephew Wayne.

    4. It so saddens me to find the ranch has been taken down. My family began going to the ranch in 1971. Continued going for the next 15 years (approx). It was the only vacation my parents took me on and I treasured it so much. I loved horses and it was my dream to ride them. I have such fond memories of hanging out with Bobby Rando and Joe Pesola. You couldn’t beat the food. Sunday farewell lunch, the lasanga was the best. Didn’t want to leave but couldn’t wait for that meal. As I sit here snacking on cinnamon buns, it it what reminded me of Dominick’s cinnamon buns. We had so much fun there. Best food ever, loved the horseback riding and the people were all great. Who can’t forget the Roseland Shuffle. I loved that it was family run and all the family took part. I never found out why they sold. Was hoping the family would continue it. Just wanted to post and say, how wonderful it was and some of the best times of my life. Thank you Fischera/Rando families. I hope your families are doing well. –Sincerley, Lori Pescatore–

      1. Lori,

        Thanks for sharing these memories! Yes, it’s a shame that it has closed and that there is hardly any trace at all left. I am grateful that you visited this site and commented.

    5. Hi Maria,
      Hope everyone is well!
      My parents used to play cards with Papa Hope for several years, we’d go up like 10 times a year, best family and childhood memories!
      Love, Sandy, Geno Michelina ciranni

    6. Maria, I hope you still check this website. Just sent an email to your brother Bobby, I hope to hear from him. I hope mom and dad are still good also Lisa and Frankie. I remember when your sister got kicked in the head and everyone was so worried about her. God was with her. My wife Diana and myself watched you guys grow up and get married. I mucked that barn many a vacation. Tony Lafarera, old man Pete, Sonny and th gang. Sorry to see your uncle Sonny left ua so young. Had a lot of laughs and unforgettable times. We hope all is well.

  22. We drove from New Hampshire in the late 80’s…with 3 kids in the old station wagon. Amazed at the beauty of Duchess County. Loved our time at Roseland, memories that we all still talk and laugh about. Everyone remembers something different from watching the deer, family style dining, bouncing on the beds and Dad’s saddle sores.
    Thanks Roseland.

    1. Thanks for the comment. It’s gratifying but sad to see such lasting and memories of Roseland. Every time I drive by the site — now barren — I hear that song in my head.


  23. I loved this place! Started going in the late 80s early 90s. Loved it so much I went every chance I could and became close the family. I would come by myself during the week and stay a day or two. I would often sit and have dinner with Sonny and Chickie. So much fun, so very sad to see it’s demise. Lots of fond memories

  24. That video just brought tears to my eyes. My best childhood memories are from Roseland Ranch. I still remember Ray who worked in the stable and Chickie, the first owner. I still pray that this ranch will one day re open. It was at this ranch that I learned to ski, snowboard, ride horses, ride ATVs, play paintball, and much more. I also made some great friends there. Roseland ranch will forever be in my heart!!!!!

  25. I fell in love with the Dutchess/Columbia County area thanks to going to Roseland Ranch many times from adolescence into adulthood. Have many wonderful memories of being there with extended family and friends. Ended up moving to the area around 1981 and raised a family. Was certainly sad to see it go. Thanks for the providing this forum for Pine Plains and “The Ranch”. And thanks to my daughter for finding it!

  26. My husband and I loved going to the Ranch when we were first dating . I remember being woke up in the early am for the breakfast ride, after a long night of dancing and drinking … lol , and they didn’t stop bagging on your door until you answered … lol After having children we always said we wanted to take them to Roseland Ranch… to build on our wonderful memories, however never got the chance since they closed in 2008. It is so sad to see these photos … and remember the once beautiful landscape we rode through.

    Thank you to the family owned operation .. for the memories you have created for those who visited the Roseland Ranch.

    The Bangaree Family

  27. My wife and 2 kids and My friends family also with 2 boys, went to Roseland Ranch for a week. We had a great time. Lot’s of laughs and good fun. My wife and her friend Marianne, entered a Bocce tournament, the two of them against some serious Bocce enthusiasts( older Italian gentlemen) . It was a riot, as the two women beat their butts. To see the faces and hear the comments of these elderly gents was hilarious. My kids are all grown up, with famalies of their own, my wife of 43 years has passed away but I have some great memories including our times at Roseland Ranch.

  28. I worked there in the early 70’s and it was something that you just never forget. I always wanted to find the time to go back and see Chicky but it just never happened. I used to put her eye make-up on for the dance at night – we had some good times. She used to make us clean the garbage cans with Brillo!!! Chicky used to sing and had a beautiful voice but as I read through the comments I see that Papa John and Rose also used to sing. I didn’t know that. Would really love to know how everyone is doing. If anyone knows the Sal, Alan and Joey trio it would be fun to hear an update.

      1. Joe what did you do there. My mom, Terry and my dad John and sister Debbie started going there around 68 and we would go all the time. Knew Joe, Rosie when kthey were still pretty young. Chickie, Sonny, Marie, we’re very young. The main house was still there and the old corral. I learned how to ride and used to ride Joe’s horse Red all the time. We became a regular fixture. Great times and great memories

  29. Truly a great place lost to the world. My whole family would spend vacations here and my dad would love the fact that “Jimmy Cagney” lives just up the road. I will never forget the fun we all had here and Sonny yelling at us at the breakfast table to go take a morning ride. Nor will I forget all those homemade muffins and coffee waiting for us when we got there to check in. This video is heartbreaking. It is too bad no one was able to buy it and have it live on. Too bad there is no Facebook page where we could post pictures.

    God bless the Roseland Ranch!

  30. So very sad to hear of this demolition. Another place of my youth destroyed. The Ranch memories remain with me always, and for that I am eternally grateful. You took a troubled kid off the streets and made something out of him. You should be proud.
    I once worked this Ranch back in the late 60’s. I was hoping to return there some day as a guest.
    I will never forget my time there. I learned for the first time, just what hard work really was, and from that experience,I grew, and it turned my whole life around.
    I remember that first day vividly. Papa Joe picked me up in Manhattan with his Station Wagon and drove over 100 miles non stop to the Ranch. He smoked Crooks rum soaked cigars all the way and I’ll never forget that smell! He asked if I knew anything about horses. Being 16, young and stupid, I lied to him, and told him I knew everything about horses. Told him I used to work with my Grandpa, who was a groom at Central Park stables. He looked at me with one eyebrow raised and said nothing more the rest of the way. The truth was that the only horse I ever seen or rode was at a kiddie pony ride on the upper East side, and the old Westerns on TV.
    We arrived at the Ranch and I was introduced to the Family. Papa Joe took me to the barn to meet the Wranglers. Then he took me inside the barn and told me to take care of his horse. He went outside, and I entered the stall with this enormous stallion. I thought that the bridle and bit looked uncomfortable, so I too it off first. The horse then started to back out of the stall because I failed to reconnect the stall chain. Now I’m chasing the horse out into the coral. The Wranglers were quite amused by all this as Papa Joe says to the laughing men, “He knows all about horses!…son…if my horse don’t eat…you don’t eat!” Lesson learned…I never lied to him again. It took me a while to coral that big stallion, but I did it,much to the amusement of the Wranglers who had never seen anything like it!
    Early next morning, the job started. Sonny told me what to do and I did it.He was a big man so when he spoke, I listened. I once saw him wrestle a sick horse to the ground, so he could administer meds to a infected eye with a coffee pot. I once loaded the barn with hay with him and he could pick up a bale with one hand! He was a hard worker and he expected everyone to do his share.
    Here’s how a typical day went… He would bring the horses down with a yell and we saddled up the morning ride. Once that was done we served Breakfast,cleaned up the dishes and took out the morning ride. Then we served Lunch and took out the afternoon ride. Dinner was next and then the evening ride. After all that we had to wash up and entertain the guests with square dancing. Totally exhausted,it felt like I just hit the bunk bed when sunrise came and it started all over again.
    I’ll never forget what I learned there from Papa Joe, Dom, Chickie, Sonny and the Wranglers, and sweet Mama Rose, who was always very kind to me. I learned all about hard work and dedication to the job. I took the lessons I learned there with me and they served me well in my life.
    I saved a kid from drowning one time, so I was made the Lifeguard. No running was allowed in the pool area and I once made all the kids sit it out for running. Pool empty and quiet, Papa Joe came in to see why it got so quiet.
    He gave them all a reprieve and in the pool they all jumped.
    This Ranch and Family will live in my heart till the day I die…Thanks folks…you saved this kid’s life too. Roseland lives in my Heart.
    With Love,
    Gene Duffy

    1. Hi Gene,

      I was so sad to here that the ranch had been closed and now demolished. I had an awsome experiencde there myself. I, and two other boys were members in a little band called the Variations. We played at the ranch for quite some time in the late 60’s every Saturday night. I can still remember Mamma and Pop Rose coming up to the bandstand and entertaining in their somewhat comical way. (Mamma would say “Give this man a hand …right across the mouth!!!!” and the people would laugh.) Then they would sing, and they had some beautiful voices, as we backed them up musically. I remember the food that was brought out and we were privilaged to join in and eat with the guests. The barbecued spare ribs were heavenly. I had some of my best times playing the drums and watching the people dance to our music. We played mostly standards with accordian, guitar, and drums and some rock and roll when the accordian player picked his guitar and sang. It was and experience that will last in my memory forever. I am 64 years old and still talk about our trips each weekend from Connecticut to New York to play at the Roseland Dude Ranch. It will be missed.

      Kind Regards,
      Marty Taylor

  31. Tears as I watch this video. All the best memories of me and my family came from years and years of going to Roseland Ranch. The one true Dud Ranch, that so many compete to be like, but does not come close. This was my 2nd home and will remember it always.

  32. My family and I won a 4 night stay there in 2007. We were one of the last families to spend time there. We are from California and rode Amtrak from GCS in NY. They had new owners by then and although the new owners weren’t very friendly, some of the old timers (caring for the horses) were terrific! We were actually the only family at the entire place that weekend.

    I could tell it was going downhill. The utility company came while we were there and was prepared to turn off the power. They made a small payment to delay that but again, I knew something was wrong.

    Even still we had a great time riding horses, RV’s and eating large yummy meals. The fried chicken was awesome! It was the first time my son got into a swimming pool was at their indoor one that weekend. My kids shot a 22, bow and arrow went hiking and had a wonderful time. When I returned home I was captivated by the place and followed the sale, the love people expressed for having the chance to visit regularly, the attempts to save it and now, sadly the destruction of it.

    Indeed, I cried when I watched the place being destroyed, and I have only been there once. The music with the video made it even harder to watch. The fact is it was in a great location, and if run well, should have been a money maker. It I’d won the lottery, I would have invested in it.

    I am truly sad for the loss that I see everyone feels whom have been touched by such a special place.

  33. I was looking to share a bit of my childhood with my 10 yr old only to find Roseland was closed. How
    sad. It was probably the mid 1960’s when my parents first took my sisters and I there. I remember Sonny (who had the same nickname as me) , chickie and their parents Joe and Rose. I fondly recall being fed around the clock, square dancing, the chinese buffet and ,of course the Italian food. we used to call it “the Italian dude ranch”. We went to roseland three times a year and I have too many fond memories to share here. RIP to Roseland and hope all the family that ran it are faring well

  34. I went there as a guest back in the late 70’s when I was in my teens. Had a great time. We went there in the summer and there was tons of guests. The place was hopping. I rememmber they fed you like you were on death row. Remember a heavyset guy names Sonny who seemed to be in charge. I went to another ranch named Roundup in Downsville, NY. It met the same fate. Unfortunately, with airfare much easier these days, these type of resorts are slowly biting the dust. Very sad. The video of them razing the guest houses and pictures of the place in disrepair are extremely depressing. Thanks for sharing them.

  35. When I was a child… I knew one of the owner’s daughters, should of been a pen pal lol but I guess when your that young you don’t really know much… LOL My family met 2 people and stood friends with them. Sadly the last time I visited was 1992… You take for granted the time in between then and now… I never got to go back … even though I wanted to… RIP Roseland…

  36. Jack;
    Soon after the Ranch closed, Sonny had an E-maill address and was writing about how upset he was that the ranch had been closed. It was only later I found the site and wrote to him but never got a reply as I think it was closed. Would have liked to have made contact as he might know the whereabouts of some the people I worked with back in the late 50’s and ’60’s. I do know of three of the people from that time.

    Back when I was working there most the Guest were single ladies who didn’t want to do the “Bars” to meet guys!
    On the big three day weekends, we Wanglers were asked to invite some of our male friends so there would be a better balance of male to female. A lot of my buddies got married and I came close.

    In the winter, every year they would have a big Ball in NYC and it was like the gathering of of a super large family! In the Spring of 1961, I got recalled to the Air Force and never returned to live in the East; but even now, 51 years later, I smile with the memories of Roseland and the people.

  37. Spent the fall of 1987 at the ranch. My wife and I have great memories because we arrived in a big snowstorm and were put up for the night. No electricity and were closed and had gas. So dinner was all the steaks we could eat and icecream before it melted. Left the next day (Sunday) and came back the following Sat. They had put up the electrical crew from all over so they were the first one’s to have power. We spent most of our time with Sonny. Where did he go after the sale?

  38. Worked at Roseland in late 50’s and early 60’s with my friend Al. Had some super times and made life long friends. Had a sweetheart of a horse to wrangle with. Lots and lots of people got married as a result of meeting there! It was like family! Sure getting to be a lifetime ago!

    In some ways I wish I hadn’t looked up the Ranch as in my mind and heart the place was still going on as I remember it.

  39. Thank you for informing all of the people of this sad news. Roseland will missed by so many. It was place were visitors went for serenity and fun. Of all places on earth, I think it was the closest to heaven. As guests, that returned there often, and; hoped with all thier hearts that the ranch would be reopened, we truly appreciate knowing the facts instead of wondering when we could vacation there again. To Chickie and family, we will never forget the great times we shared at your home and all the memories we made. We love you guys! And of course, Indian, Coda, Winchester, Nsync, Foggy, Whiskey, Colorado and Bonaza, we miss you too!

  40. My whole family is sick over this, we grew up on this ranch, these people were our family and we made many friends over the years, people we called family as well! We were there twice a year and couldn’t get enough of it. It’s such a shame what these people did to Roseland. My whole family was in tears watching the sadness. RIP Roseland Ranch, a place that we will always hold in our hearts and never forget. <3 🙁

  41. I spent many weeks and long weekend vacations and getaways at Roseland Ranch and I am shocked to find that it closed. I remember:
    Big card games with lots of money on the table on one of the February Holiday weekends.
    The Chinese Buffet at night with lots of ribs and fried rice.
    The platter-sized pieces of veal for Saturday lunch.
    Huge breakfast buffets with every breakfast food there is.
    Family shows on Saturday night, then family dancing (wedding music), then adult dancing, then rock music for the teens at midnight.
    At least five meals a day with huge snack trays in the lodge between meals.
    The massive fireplace and tree-length logs that were always burning in it in the main lodge.
    The over-stuffet chairs, couches and lounges in the main lodge.
    Snowmobiling over miles of trails through open terrain.
    Most of the staff being family members.
    Horseback riding, skiing, hiking, relaxing by the pool.
    Spacious rooms and great service.
    At least five meals a day.
    Did I mention at least five meals a day with 24 hour snacks and drinks.

  42. I’m disturbed by the images of machines haphazardly demolishing TONS worth of abandoned buildings rather than SOME of it being repurposed! I’m sure somebody (Peter Wing comes to mind) would have LOVED some of this!

  43. Spent years there every fall with many friends and family Our kids grew up looking forward to our chilly morning rides. It is sad to see this, but a sign of the changes in the simplicity of the world.
    Rest in Peace Roseland you will be in our memories

  44. It is to bad that it had to come to this. Back in the day the ranch had hundreds of guests a week, it also bought lots of money to the town of Stanford.

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